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Please Note:

These announcements are taken from the official Russian Embassy website in South Africa.
South Africans travelling to Russia without the intention of working, studying or living in the Russian Federation, are free from visa requirements and can enter, stay or transit without a visa for a duration of up to 90 days.

From February 16, 2015 All visa applications must be completed online at and further submitted in print to the Embassy.

Majority of travelers require a visa to visit Russia.

While this process may appear a little confusing and complicated at first, we are delightful to make it as easy as possible for you.

Kindly note: in accordance with Russian legislation, a foreigner cannot enter Russia using his new passport if the Russian visa is in his old (expired) passport.

If you have renewed your passport, it is obligatory that you renew the Russian visa as well.


Embassy Of Russian Federation Consular Office Pretoria

Telephone: (012) 362 7116
Fax: (021) 362 7090
316 Brooks Street, Menlo Park,
Postal: P.O.Box 36034 Pretoria 0102


Consulate Of
Russian Federation Cape Town

(021) 418 3656/57
Fax: (021) 419 2651
2nd Floor, Norton Rose House,
8 Riebeeck Street, Cape Town
Postal: P.O.Box 261 Cape Town 8000

How to Get a Russian Visa


> Complete an online application at and further submit this in print to the Consulate.

> Glue 1x passport photo in colour (35mm x 45mm, not older than 6 months) to the form, then sign it with date.

> You need a valid Passport, only the original copy will be accepted. A minimum of 2 blank visa-designated pages are required. The passport must be valid for 6 months after the last day of the intended stay in Russia.

> You will need Medical (Travel) insurance for the period of stay in Russia.

> You will need a copy of the return flight ticket or itinerary, showing entry and departure from Russia.

Important Information

Non-South African Nationals must submit a valid Residence Permit/Work Permit more than 90 days in South Africa or copy of RSA ID/RSA passport.

It is your responsibility to confirm in advance with the Consular office that this is still valid for your visa application/s.

Note: All applications for Russian visas (with the exception of a transit visa) require a specific visa support document – a visa invitation.

This is often called “visa support” or a “invitation letter”, and must be provided by the inviting party, whether this be a tour company, employing company, educational institution, relative, or a friend.

In Addition to General Requirements

> You will need a Tourist Voucher and Confirmation of Acceptance issued by the Russian tourist company accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, showing the reference number as well as the name/s of applicants, dates of entry & departure.

> A tourist visa application should be submitted not less than 3 days prior to entry into Russia.

> For a tourist group (10 persons and more), the visa processing requires 14 days.

Important Information

A Tourist Visa is issued for a period no longer than 30 days and can be single-entry or double-entry.

Type of invitation: Tourist confirmation and voucher

Corresponding authority: A Russian tour company which is registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and possesses a valid “tour reference number”.

Note: A hotel booking is not sufficient.

We can assist with obtaining visa support invitation to satisfy this requirement and with confirming travel arrangements. No hotel reservations or bookings are needed on your part.

In Addition to General Requirements

> You will need an original invitation issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Federal Migration Services.
This must be submitted to the Embassy’s disposal.

> A Telex confirmation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or it’s Regional Representatives going directly to the Consular office is also acceptable.

> The sponsoring organization must be officially registered with the PVU in order to apply for an invitation (according to the corresponding Federal law dated Nov 1, 2002).

Important Information

Business type of Russian visa is issued for travellers, who visit Russia on official or private business. Business visas are best for visitors who do not know their exact itineraries, want to stay in Russia longer than 30 days or need to enter Russia frequently. Single and double entries are possible for visas up to 90 days. Multiple-entry business visas valid for 6 or 12 months. Please note, that multiple-entry visa permits the holder to stay at the territory of Russia no more than 90 days in every 180 days.

Type of invitation: Business invitation

Corresponding authority: The local department of Passport and Visa Service (PVU) of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (for paper invitations) or the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for telexes).

In Addition to General Requirements

> The inviting person(a Russian citizen) must appeal to the local representation of the Federal Migration Service of Russia in order to organize an official invitation.

> A foreigner currently residing in Russia appeals to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia for the invitation.

Note: Only the original invitation is accepted when lodging a visa application.  

Allow 4-6 weeks for approval and obtain the original invitation to apply for a visa at the Russian embassy/consulate.

Important Information

Private or Home stay visa is issued if the purpose of the trip is to visit friends or relatives.
This type of visa allows staying in the Russian Federation for up to 90 days.
Friends or relatives who will host during the visit will need to obtain a visa invitation from a local office of visas and registrations.
Russian Consulates worldwide accept only original private invitations.
Obtaining a private invitation can be a very lengthy and troublesome procedure, and we suggest applying for either a tourist or business visa instead.

Type of invitation: Private invitation (izveshchenie)

Corresponding authority: The local department of the Passport and Visa Service (PVU) of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs or OVIR.

In Addition to General Requirements

> You will need a valid visa of the country of final destination.

> You will need an air ticket to Russia and from Russia to the country of final destination.

If the requirements cannot be satisfied, suggest applying for a tourist visa.

Important Information

A Transit Visa is issued for up to 3 days if you travel by air.
It can be issued for up to 10 days if using other means of transportation.

A Transit Visa be single-entry or double-entry.  

Type of invitation: No invitation required

Corresponding authority: Present your tickets and visa for your country of destination (if required).


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We can assist with obtaining a Russian Visa. 

Please contact us.


Miscellaneous Information on Russian Visa

Migration Card

Every foreign citizen (including children) entering the Russian Federation on his or her own passport has to fill in a migration card. Migration cards will be handed out during flight to Russia or available at the immigration post. These cards consist of two identical parts printed either side-to-side or top-to-bottom. Both parts need to be filled out.

The card is straightforward to complete, but here are some hints:

  • Under "Given name(s)", print both your first and middle names.
  • Leave "Patronymic" blank.
  • List dates by day/month/year.
  • For "Purpose of travel", underline "Tourism" or "Business" according to visa .
  • Under "Name of host person or company", write the name of company which issued your invitation.

Visa registration in Russia 

Russian visas have to be registered on location.

Registration may be carried out by the following:

  • The hotel or a hostel where you are staying.
  • The owner of the apartment if you are staying in a private apartment with friends or a family.
  • The company which issued your visa invitation

Sea cruise Passengers

  • Cruise ship passengers do not need a Russian visa, if the stop in the port of call does not exceed 72 hours and if the tourists stay overnight on board.
  • Cruise passengers may disembark from the ship without a tourist visa only for tours organised by cruise or other authorised tourist companies whose responsibility is to inform Russian migration services 72 hours before passengers' arrival. 
  • Passengers who do not take part in organised tours to disembark will need to obtain a Russian tourist visa that cannot be granted once in Russia. Russian visas are issued only in the country of residence before departure.

Note: Exit Visa

This Visa needs to be issued if existing Visa has expired or been lost.
If the passport was stolen, etc. contact your Visa sponsor immediately.
Your Visa sponsor, not a foreigner, will go to Passport and Visa Services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and petition for you Exit Visa on your behalf.
If the Visa was lost or stolen, the foreigner needs to get a confirmation of this from the local Police Department.
This Confirmation or "SPRAVKA" is issued by the Police Station, which is responsible for the territory where the accident happened.


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